Wired, “The Inside Story of Oculus Rift and How Virtual Reality Became Reality”:

Carmack got to work on the machine, hot-gluing a motion sensor to it and duct-taping on a ski-goggle strap. But his greatest contribution came in the code he wrote for it. The Rift’s biggest selling point was its 90-degree field of view, which Luckey accomplished by slapping a cheap magnifying lens on the display. The problem was, that lens distorted the image underneath, making it warped and uneven. So Carmack coded a version of Doom 3 that pre-­distorted the image, counteracting the effects of the magnifying lens and making the picture appear correct to the viewer. The result was a completely immersive gaming experience, the kind that would other­wise require $10,000 in high-end optics.

В этой фразе, по-моему, всё о Кармаке. Иногда мне кажется, что он – инопланетянин, какая-то потусторонняя ступень разума. По-другому объяснить всё, что он сделал для всей компьютерной индустрии, у меня не получается. Всем читать Masters of Doom.

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